Der Wriders' Club bringt Blogger rund ums Thema Fahrrad zusammen, macht sie als Gruppe sichtbar und bringt ihnen mehr Öffentlichkeit. Sein Kodex formuliert, was Leser von Bloggern erwarten dürfen. Dies gilt natürlich auch für einen professionellen Umgang zwischen Bloggern und Wirtschaft.

Neuste Beiträge der Blogger aus dem Wriders' Club:

bikepacking sloveniathe west loop

Slovenia – you paradise of turquoise rivers, natural treasures and stunning gravel roads. I hope you accept my apologies that I didn’t visit you earlier. “River Crossings, wild bears and broken bones”…

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Vélo chopper en bois de Roehr Customs

Que feriez-vous si votre fils voulait apprendre à rouler à vélo ? L’Allemand Stefan Roehr, lui, a touché du bois. Au propre comme au figuré. Sans la moindre expérience mais avec beaucoup de patience, notre artiste multidisciplinaire lui a fabriqué une …

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Tuscany Trail – with Erik (+Mathis & Iris)

I decided with Erik to ride Tuscany Trail in 2018.  He rode last year through some parts and i haven’t yet been there. Time for some easy spinning. Our plan was to ride it in six days, have delicious food for lunch and diner 🙂 Enjoy the whole ride.

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Tuscany Trail Testride – with Erik

As preparation for Tuscany Train Erik and i planned a weekend trip in the lovely Pfalz to test our setup (packaging) 25th – 27th of may. Friday: Me met friday after work at the train station to get to Neustadt, during the train ride we decided to get out earlier and ride some more because the […]

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Candy B. Graveller

This year i was lucky to take part on the Candy B. Graveller which is a charity ride from the airlift monument in Frankfurt to the opposide in Berlin. We had to carry some toys for a children’s home in Berlin, like a plane (called Candy Bomber) after the second world war with candys. When […]

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